I am not a professional – be that baker, cook or anything of that nature. I have very little professional experience, I have failed probably ten thousand times and will probably fail ten thousand more. I do however, have a fascination with food (well actually maybe more of an obsession) and a passionate heart for baking, especially in terms of creating artisanal foods from conception to completion.

I initially became intrigued with food and cooking after living abroad in the land down under for just over half a year. Being of Australian descent I was curious to see what kind of humble beginnings my mother’s family had come from and being that my mother’s father was a huge inspiration and father-like figure in my life, I was keen to explore. Once landed, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the perception and culture surrounding food. Butcher shops and farmers markets galore chockablock with quality, fresh produce, as far as the eye could see. Throw in a few homemade meals (desserts included) sat with my loving Aussie relatives, and I began to realize the importance of food.

Feeling inspired I came home and started cooking more frequently – at home and throughout college (watching endless Gordon Ramsay videos and reading online recipes instead of finishing assignments doesn’t really do wonders for your GPA) occasionally trying my hand at baking here and there and came to the realization that not only was I chasing a dead dream but more importantly denying my inner passions.

1 week after finishing college I landed a job at a small French bakery where I was tasked with learning the basics of viennoiserie from start to finish. It was a dream come true – I have never been so passionate and felt more accomplished in any aspect of my life.

The precision required that I once thought so frustrating has ironically become the hinge of my success.

A quote from a college professor comes to mind:

The formula for success is simple things done savagely well. 

I have come to realize the importance of this as a baker – as every aspect of our job requires the utmost care and precision in order to achieve success.

The Artisans Appetite is meant to be a creative space – a place where I can document my food related experiments and to satisfy my insatiable appetite to learn and grow as well as create a community of friends, foodies and artisan bakers alike who can come along for the ride sharing their experiences and tips for success.

So without further ado – let’s get baking.

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