5 months…  It has been five months since I decided I wanted to get serious about expanding my approach to food and start connecting and creating with other foodies, chefs and bakers in the industry and around the world… I started off wanting to really push some great recipes and step by step guides with food and baking, but I got in waaaaay over my head – and instead of making the time to push myself, I decided it was just easier to just push it off and procrastinate until we arrive at this point… I really can’t understand where the time goes…

The last 5 months have definitely been one of those eye opening experiences and I have been really delving into really questioning my purpose in this world as well as not only facing but confronting my inner demons in order to regain a sense of control & meaning. One thing I have come to realize is the importance of how tackling the smallest things such as cleaning your room can be an extremely liberating as well as eye-opening experience. And although you might not feel very mighty or accomplished by “cleaning your room” – starting small to get things in your life in order, that are within the domain of your existence and control, can lead to some pretty extraordinary successes and accomplishments. If you feel like this is something you can relate to, I highly recommend checking out Jordan Peterson on YouTube. He is a highly controversial University of Toronto Psychology Professor who has definitely helped me to expand not only my mind but also my perception of life itself.

The Light

Anyways I digress… I wanted to let you all know I am back and have planned to post as regularly as possible within my existing schedule. And although I almost gave up on my blog and myself one thing that really kept me motivated and in tune was the constant amount of positive feedback I have received in real life and through social media.. my Instagram base has been growing and I don’t plan on disappointing anyone. I want to hear more from my readers and followers… I will be posting once every Friday on my Facebook for suggestions on the upcoming blog posts as well as taking emails @ theartisansappetite@gmail.com.

Thanks for your continued support and motivation – I promise you… you will be greatly rewarded with a plethora of goodness with your continued support.

Day 1

Today marks a new chapter for me.. I hope you will tune in to see whats next!

Have an awesome Friday!

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