Greetings! My name is Josh and welcome to my blog The Artisans Appetite!

If you’d like to know a little bit about me… you’ve come to the right place!

I am no stranger to food. Growing up I spent a great deal of my childhood playing around and usually causing a ruckus in the kitchen (such as eating entire blocks of cheese, breaking cereal bowls with spoons and slapping cups of milk at my siblings). But aside from all the mischief I created I was surrounded by family who spent a great deal of time preparing delicious, homemade meals; making it look effortless all the while. Aromatic curries, that simmered for hours on end, flaky tender pastries that were filled with spiced meat and fresh vegetables, and chewy hand made chapatis are just some of my most vivid and fondest memories growing up in my grandparents kitchen.

Looking back I remember always thinking it strange that my grandfather would get up at odd hours of the night to begin preparing some of his most famous and delicious dishes – now wishing I would have been up with him watching his every step and learning from each taste off the tip of his wooden spoon. I also now understand that it wasn’t weird at all that he would be up chopping onions and grating coconut to make fresh sambal at four in the morning, especially considering he himself was a baker.

And that’s where my passion and creativity for food comes from. I know my grandfather took pride in creating something that he knew would make people smile and enjoy, and could rest easy knowing people were leaving his home on a full stomach and a great memory. Only in recent years did I learn that he was responsible for making bread – a craft that requires all of the unique qualities he hoped would rub off on me.

In order that knowledge be properly digested it must have been swallowed with a good appetite. – Anatole France

Moving forward I have come to revere this ideal, striving to create perfection in whatever I do and understanding that success is not achieved without learning from ones past mistakes, striving to stay hungry for knowledge. Bread, specifically bread cultivated with wild yeast – is extremely temperamental. You must respect the bread and the ingredients and be able to adjust based on your environmental conditions and surroundings. It is why we artisan bakers strive to achieve perfection through four simple ingredients and because baking teaches us discipline.

At The Artisans AppetiteĀ I want to be able to show you the looking glass through my eyes. Whether it be a hand kneaded, naturally leavened, crusty sourdough bread or a big hand tossed, cheesy, margherita pizza pie, I invite you to come along for the journey and try and see food in a different light. Try a few recipes here and there, set aside time to experiment and play, succeed, fail, encourage friends and family to join in, share your experiences… but most importantly enjoy it.

So take your first bite of knowledge, (don’t forget to chew!) and slowly digest it – who knows you might find out you have an appetite for your own artisan creations!

– Josh